Sima Rasha refreshing company

Founded in 2014, it succeeded in designing and building the first portable dry sauna with the use of infrared heating technology in the Middle East. Announcing this product at the International Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements - December 95 in the presence of ministers, officials and respected academics, the name of our beloved country of Iran is officially listed among the countries producing this product such as Japan, USA, Finland, Germany , Russia and China. With more than 5 years of production, research and research experience, the company is ready to provide the highest quality technical and engineering services to its domestic and foreign customers, in line with the countries that manufacture this product.

Infrared sauna features



Can penetrate adipose tissue, boost metabolism and burn 600 calories in 30 minutes


Reduces wrinkles throughout the body, brightens and brightens the skin


It eliminates chemical toxins and prevents disease


It regulates blood pressure and improves cardiovascular function

Relieve pain

It quickly relieves any physical pain

Recovery and relaxation

It relieves daily fatigue and improves sleep quality

New dry sauna technology

  • With the new generation of infrared heaters (infrared heating technology)
  • Single-phase and home-made socket, with no need for dedicated wiring
  • Prefabricated with the ability to be installed anywhere
  • Ability to reopen connections and move from place to place
  • It has unique heat treatment properties and is distinct from the usual saunas
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