Infrared sauna; congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis and hypertension

How Saunas Tackle Congestive Heart Failure, Artherosclerosis and Hypertension
According to the American Heart Association (2005), clinical trials have demonstrated that maintaining healthy blood pressure can dramatically reduce the risk of strokes by 35% to 40%, heart attacks by 20% to 25% and heart failure by over 50%. However, these statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Maintaining blood pressure levels within a normal range eases the workload on your heart and blood vessels. As blood pressure reading rise, the risk of cardiovascular events becomes “continuous, consistent, and independent of other risk factors” (American Heart Association 2005). What can be done to empower ourselves in our efforts to maintain healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart? Adopt a more vigilant lifestyle that includes daily exercise along with a balanced diet. In addition, take advantage of the incredible benefits of a Far Infrared sauna. The Far Infrared sauna makes for a promising therapy for people who are otherwise not capable of exerting themselves or do not follow an exercise or conditioning program to attain a cardiovascular training effect. In an August 7th, 1981 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a report was released that is now everyday knowledge to most people: Numerous people who run do so to put a demand on their cardiovascular system as well as to build muscle. What is not well known is that it is also reported that the “regular use of sauna may impart a similar stress on the cardiovascular system, and its regular use may be an effective means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories as regular exercise.” The body reacts to this deep-heating result by means of hypothalamic-induced increase in both heart volume and rate. This positive heart stress leads to a desiredAs a substantiation of the legitimacy of this form of cardiovascular conditioning, extensive research by NASA in the early 1980’s led to the deduction that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the perfect way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in US astronauts for the duration of long space flights. Blood flow during whole-body hyperthermia is reported to rise from a normal 5-7 pints per minute to as much as 13 pints per minute. In addition, an interesting study was done using hamsters in regard to infrared saunas. Following an infrared sauna treatment, a chemical analysis indicated larger amounts of a substance called nitric oxide, synthesized in the endothelial (lining) cells of the aorta, as well as the coronary, carotid, and femoral arteries. This information is significant, as increased levels of nitric oxide synthesis is
extremely beneficial. Nitric oxide dilates coronary arteries, effectively improving heart function. That in itself is tremendous news—but it actually gets better! A more intensive analysis proved a 40-fold increase of nitric oxide synthesis in the endothelial cells of the aorta after just one week. After four weeks of using the sauna, the increase leveled off but steadied at 50%. Taking the hamster-in-the-sauna results, it is extremely probable that the improved blood vessel dilation in men with cardiovascular risk factors resulted from higher levels of nitric oxide synthesis. While the studies have not measured it exclusively, Far Infrared sauna therapy will very possibly lower blood pressure for quite a few individuals too. The theory is intellectually sound, since the mechanism of action is the same as in congestive heart failure. A boost in nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. If the research above is any gauge, it should not be very long to determine marked benefits, as the results in both hamsters and humans transpired in just two to four weeks. Let’s take a look at congestive heart failure, which is a dead-end disease that kills more people in each year than cancer. The average person only lives five years once the diagnosis of conge
stive heart failure is made. In addition, the person is usually on at least $600 a month of prescription drugs, not to mention frequent doctor visits, x-rays, blood tests and hospitalization. In contrast to that bleak picture, let us examine studies done by the Mayo Clinic where pulmonary wedge pressure, shortness of breath, capacity to discontinue medications and many other limitations of congestive heart failure are enhanced with use of Far Infrared sauna therapies. In other words, FIR achieves what no medication and no surgery can, for a disease that no one should have, to which the medical profession has no answers. In addition, there is documentation that states that excessive salt carried by sweat is generally believed to be beneficial for cases of mild hypertension. In the Japanese study referred to earlier, we told you about 25 men with at least one risk factor for heart disease who were evaluated after using an infrared sauna for 15 minutes every other day for two weeks. They also rested in beds, covered with blankets for 30 minutes afterward, and had the thickness of their artery lining measure by ultrasound. In the American Journal of Cardiology, the investigators reported a 40% reduction of the inner lining of blood vessels. A wider blood vessel supports lower blood pressure. In addition, thinner blood vessel walls are associated with a reduced chance of heart attacks and strokes. In fact, when a patient has elevated scores of intra-medial thickness (IMT) of the carotid arteries, many doctors recommend regular use of a Far Infrared sauna to lower their risk of having a stroke. Remember that not just any sauna will do. Far infrared saunas offer all the benefits that traditional saunas do not, and at much lower temperatures. High heat is stated to be inadvisable and poorly tolerated by heart failure patients and, in reality can be a cause of early death.